October 30, 2009

High five all around.

Cheers for every1!

What should i say? We never had more then 8 people 0-24 online. And we even broke the 28 man record. Wow. Yeah, i know its not a such a huge number, but its quite nice, since this game is hard to learn, and half of the people who check the game out, runs out in fear and screaming "not realistic" things about the game.

We had a bit rough time last night, first connection with lots of people in one place, typical chat topics, "barrens-general feeling" :D Had some really nice comments about the game, that i just had to save as "epic".

[00:46:38] Xan says:
I'll have to compliment the combat system; it is more fun than Eve's, even if it works in the same way.
Now thats something, and we are really happy about how much you like it.

[00:20:21] Cygnus says:
oh no.... tell me there won't be voice chat channels with "mining karaoke night"
What a great idea, we are working on it asap! :D

I was checking some sites, like http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm?game=438&bhcp=1 where are we registered. Hype up please. :) (it only counts the hype after 20 or more people)

I also want to say hi to our newcomers, from outer space ;)

I'm also thinking about creating some tutorial video about mining and fighting... some people may have a good use of it. :)

Economy update: words spreading, that the three guy mentioned, making some cartel, and buying all stuff, on preset prices. I will ask them about the prices, and how much profit they get from it. :)

Gui update: The cargo capacity is now clearly visible through the GUI, we dont have to open the cargo just for that. (check for the cargo open button, and its coloring based on usage ;) )

Really nice job on bug posting! Great energy. Great energy. I had a dream last night. I was a dove flying over the sea. Nevermind. :D (those who don't understand the meaning of this last line, just skip it ;) )

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