October 11, 2009

Zenith and a reaally nice weekend.

Ahoy there. Sorry again for the longer pause in the "info wave" but i had to escape from the depths of the city to some "less noise, more music, more drink" place, and... well i just returned, so i think i should serve you now the newest pictures i gained.

Zenith is the next mech who will be shown to you... (they told me to speed up the release of the new robot pictures, because if i dont, you will play with the new robots sooner then i release all from the list...) So... Zenith, The Thelodica EW mech.

He likes to play with the children, and guarding your yard perfectly. Or else maybe you can shoot lasers with it, and hax enemy mechs with it. Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway check out the nasty hands this nice robot has, and the laser which he's hiding under his armor.
I will tell you the true: I'm damn tired. Other news:
"Zoom says: We are preparing for the next closed beta stage."- Sounds good!
"Zoom says: A new trailer is just ready for release."- Woohooohoo! :D
They talk quite much about game rules and stuff, how to make it better, but im just damn to tired to make sense of it. I will check the logs later! :D
By the way, Blogger's picture upload system (which goes trough picasa) is currently sucks balls, as blogger dont create useable links from the pictures. Or im making some huge fatal mistake. I dont know, but i want you to be able to see the new robot pictures in a bit "higher resolution" so here, i uploaded it to a public picasa gallery: http://picasaweb.google.com/MancsPerp/PerpetuumPublic#

Btw: i think, this is the most... AWSOME robot that the game currently has. PEW PEW!

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