October 18, 2009

Last Closed Beta phase opened!

Today, around (gmt+1) 3AM we opened the last closed beta phase, where every play invited, who had previously an account. This beta phase will last till max 1,5 month, after that we open the floodgates and OpenBeta will be released.

What this version can offer to you, and previous versions didnt?
  • Normal character "leveling", with every type of upgrade/extension, even from the character creator!
  • The 6 final map is under construction, but its in pretty useable state. Take a tour around, and even check for minerals/plants!
  • Npc flocks, with much better AI! If the first group you meet will be too easy, try check some bigger ones... ^^
What you should'nt do at this very moment in the game? (in my opinion)
  • Dont start MassDiplomatic character, or only, if you agree with some people, that you want to make a corporation. Reason: Gangbonus system is currently offline, so you cant give teambuff-s, nor with extensions, nor with modules.
  • We slowly modifying/terraforming the landscapes, but we doing it on a different server, and from time to time, we update the maps. Try to logout docked, so you cant find yourself in some messy position where you cant move. If it happens, write us on forum/irc/ingame, and we help you out!
  • Dont try to go trough the Outer teleports with a fresh character. (we have inner and outer teleports ;) ) It will be a pretty fast death if you meet a high level npc flock. Im not even suggesting it with a heavy mech. First, form a group, then go for it! :) Scouting can be fun though ^^
What we want you to do!
  • It would mean a lot to us, if you would try to start the game. Military characters should look for killable npc-s, Industrial characters should try to mine and make items, then sell it to other people. Diplomatic characters should lead corporations! Form corporations, and fight sometimes with each other! Gather money, buy better mechs! Dont let the market foul you: there are plenty items in the game, the base markets offer you just a piece.
  • Try ever base option! Look for every type of material, every type of mineral and plant is mineable/harvestable (though finding rare minerals, is a pain job, but hey, its worth it (i think ^^)
What will be implemented in the game soon:
  • Gangbonus system. its coming.
  • New robots
  • Final landscape
  • Mixed npc groups, for maximal challange.
Well, if we count what we have in this moment, and what will be added in this beta phase, we get what we will have in the start of the openbeta phase. In the open beta we will implement the questsystem, and shorly after the instances.

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