October 4, 2009

Allow me to present: Mr. Vagabond

Well, sometimes even good things can happen to me, i was able to put my paws on some nasty Vagabond picture, which presents us a new nuimqol EW mech!
What should we know about him? Well, first of all, the most important thing that we will learn, that if we see him, and we do not own a nice Anti-ECM, its time to turn around and sprint to the nearest base. He has around 6 head slots, which, combinated with the fact that he is the master of Electronic Warfare, making it clear for us: As long as the numbers don't speak against him, or he wont get a focused attack for a longer time, he will be a dominating part of the battlefield. From EW modules, he can basically use more, because we giving more stats, required for EW modules, to every robot which is running under the label "ew mech".

Which is really interesting, and amazing at this moment for me, is the hand animation: if we check out the pictures, we can see the robots hand sometimes, and sometimes not... Well, its because of the new animation system, that is currently developed: we can create more complex animations, robots. Previously I told another sample from the mining robot, but this is looks much more awesome, i can tell you! O.o

Don't worry, Vagabond has just enough weapon slots, to help out anyone with some magnetic bullet, if he thinks that "This is the best place to mine some Liquizit!"

Btw: sorry because the pictures looks a bit rough, it just quickly rendered, and i didn't want to mess it up with my amateur photoshop tricks.


  1. I hope the long wait is worth it... Sorry for it, but i was bored with the "fixing,working,mapwork,newmusic" so i waited till i got some really good stuff for you.

  2. Hi Mancs, i dunno where to ask it so i'll ask here: a Mac client is in development or it will be released for windows only?

    thanks for answer ;)

  3. Hello there! :(
    Well, i have to say, i don't see any chance for a mac client, for atleast a halfyear, after the release of the game. Currently, because of the numbers of our developers, we focus on finishing the game, because we simply don't have enough people to create mac/linux client.
    So there are lots of "if-s"... If the game would go well, if there would be lots of mac players, who would play perpetuum, then we would think about it, and maybe someone would say something official. Until that moment: no :(

  4. ok, thanks for the fast answer ;)

  5. I think the most descriptive answer to the question is "The existence of an OSX client depends on the success of the Windows one." :)