July 22, 2010

Last Mech Standing event

Dear players! There will be another event, this sunday, so make sure that you have time to join the fun! Here's the details from our forum:

Date: Sunday 25th July
Event Preparation Starts: 19:00 Server Time (CET)
Event Start: 20:00 Server Time (CET)
Location: Hokkogaros

All times are in server time.

‘The Event’

‘The Event’ is a gladiatorial battle for supremacy in a closed environment designed to promote strategy, tactics and PvP prowess. All may enter, however only one must survive.

Anyone may participate in The Event and the rules are simple. Kill everything. Regardless of who participates in the event and their allegiance only one Mech must survive. That Mech will be awarded the main prize and claim the title of the first “Last Mech Standing Victor”.

Event Information

A unique arena has been constructed in order to house the event. The arena is circular an approximately 2 kilometres in diameter. Terrain will be harsh and unforgiving. Bunkers, ditches and firing ranges will be common place.

Players that wish to take part must be on Hokkogaros so that they can be teleported by a GM to the arena. The chat channel “LMS” has been created which all participants must join; this will make the GM’s lives much easier when finding players to teleport and provide a central channel of communication.

Event preparation will start at 19:00. GM’s will teleport players to the arena from 19:00 until 19:50. The event will start at 20:00. Do not expect to be teleported after 19:50.

Once participants have been teleported you will be assigned a location at the edge of the arena by a GM. Fighting must not commence until a GM has given the go ahead.

Once inside the arena and the event under way the rules of engagement are simple. Kill everything. The main prize will be awarded to the last Mech standing. If there are multiple people alive at the end of the event and they do not wish to fight then they will all forfeit the main prize. Only one Mech must survive.

All robots killed during the event will be reimbursed by a Dev/GM.


A fully fitted Tier 4 Heavy Mech will be awarded to the player who wins the event. Various other prizes will be awarded to participants, both individuals and corporations who show organisation, a good strategy, tactics and general PvP prowess although the value of these prizes will not exceed the main one.

July 16, 2010

Perpetuum Extension Planner

The whole developer team was amazed by this little community created wonder. Although we keep track of a few tools that our players craft in their free time, this one just fantastic. You can plan your extensions (depending on your attributes!) or gain informations about them. The little application has many features, from setting up your current extensions and calculate requied ep from that point... load/save data and has an update system too. Truly, amazing work! Thank you very much Mark Zima for this great tool!

July 13, 2010

Squad bonus and Gui improvements

Hello there! It's been more then two weeks since the last post, so lets quickly check what happened.

We successfully updated some gui elements. :) Lot's of people had concerns about the visibility of the player's target with the previous locking gui, so we worked on that one a little bit. We reduced the size of the targeting computer(and landmark info), and we also reworked the module list. We will add soon some new features to the landmark list, based on the players requests. (filtering npcs/players, standing based filtering, robot type filtering.)

The squad bonus system works finally, offering nice number of bonuses like energy recharge boost, extra speed or lock bonuses.(9 type at moment) Although these bonuses are really expensive, they can be a really nice for the team. (max 3 squad bonus on one person, effect range from 100m -> 400m. Any player in the squad can provide the bonus.) A few more bonus types will come in the (very) close future too, including modules supporting industrial activities.

We finally released the video from the pirate event.