November 2, 2009

Good morning everyone.


Alright, the first and the most important information at this very moment, that you should look in you mailbox, because yesterday we sent another 150 accepts with a postman. Don't give him a tip.

Lets look at our forum, maybe something interesting can be found there...

Hmm, our player Vak0nd has realized, that calculating with prices, minerals, and such can be a pain so he created a material calculator. Skip the description, its in hungarian, i know. :) But, Vak0nd made a nice "english" button in the program, so you guys can use it perfectly. (vak0nd says it will be later updated with some extra feature, wow.)
I have to tell you that, tho sometimes we forgot things, but anyway we always have this nice teamspeak server online, what you can use anytime you want:

About the newest patch:
-Woho, we have a new small blue icon, that shows you if its on a player, then you dont have to fear him. Why? Because he's in range of the police turret.
-Meanwhile, we dropped of a lots of police turret on the starter islands, making 75% of these zones safe.
-If im correct our termis problem has been fixed, it should handle mid miner tools much better, and we have some new mining skill to.
-And lots of minor things.

Okay, now i go, get some breakfast, so maybe i remember something else....

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