October 15, 2009

News time!

Hello everyone, im trying to gather some infos, and share it quickly with you ;)

Lets see first how the development going.

-Super Activity. I never saw so much people online from the developers, at the same time. gogogo :)
-Low prices on the market now changed to normal prices. Prepare to pay! for weapons and modules ofc.
-We started testing the opportunitys of new players, after we had some results, we made some dummy npc-s for learning and beginner combat.
-A new layer of texture is now implemented into the graphic system. its "Shiny". Checkout, screenshot included.
-The game's gang (party) system is now in pretty good shape, check it out. (i dont know what about you guys, but i like simple design, in the gang menu, with right click u can do 5-6 stuff, thats enough for me :) )
-New robot pics for you: Riveller, the HeavyMining mech
-Important info, because i told something stupid: I show you nice pictures of new robots, and told you about the new animation system, that will give us nice hand-weapon animations. Its still true, but the new animation system does not fits in the current developing time. This does not means that there will be no new mechs, it's just means, that they will use the old hand-weapon models, not the new system, which is till under development. Only after the release of the game will the developers have time to finish and implement the new animation system to the game, because its require atleast 2 month, and yet every hand is full with some work... so there just no time for it, before the release of the game. After it. (but, if you ask me, this is a really nice hint about what kind of graphical development would go on after the release of the game, if everything goes well ;) )

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