October 30, 2009

High five all around.

Cheers for every1!

What should i say? We never had more then 8 people 0-24 online. And we even broke the 28 man record. Wow. Yeah, i know its not a such a huge number, but its quite nice, since this game is hard to learn, and half of the people who check the game out, runs out in fear and screaming "not realistic" things about the game.

We had a bit rough time last night, first connection with lots of people in one place, typical chat topics, "barrens-general feeling" :D Had some really nice comments about the game, that i just had to save as "epic".

[00:46:38] Xan says:
I'll have to compliment the combat system; it is more fun than Eve's, even if it works in the same way.
Now thats something, and we are really happy about how much you like it.

[00:20:21] Cygnus says:
oh no.... tell me there won't be voice chat channels with "mining karaoke night"
What a great idea, we are working on it asap! :D

I was checking some sites, like http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm?game=438&bhcp=1 where are we registered. Hype up please. :) (it only counts the hype after 20 or more people)

I also want to say hi to our newcomers, from outer space ;)

I'm also thinking about creating some tutorial video about mining and fighting... some people may have a good use of it. :)

Economy update: words spreading, that the three guy mentioned, making some cartel, and buying all stuff, on preset prices. I will ask them about the prices, and how much profit they get from it. :)

Gui update: The cargo capacity is now clearly visible through the GUI, we dont have to open the cargo just for that. (check for the cargo open button, and its coloring based on usage ;) )

Really nice job on bug posting! Great energy. Great energy. I had a dream last night. I was a dove flying over the sea. Nevermind. :D (those who don't understand the meaning of this last line, just skip it ;) )

October 29, 2009

About the economy.

Well, its possible that i talked about the games economy, how to create stuff and more, but i think i never made an overall view about it.

So lets start with the bottom. We have rawmaterials, commodities. From commodities we can create items, and the commodities are nothing more then the combination of different rawmaterials, refined into 1 thing. So if some1 wishes to create something, he/she will need first the commodities, requested in the items info.

We have two opportunity for that. If we want, we can specialize ourselfs in gathering raw materials (like ores, and plants) Its really important, that if we specialize ourself in something, then for the first two week, you can do only that really good. If you dont, then you can start building everything what you will need for an economyc roll, but that will give you low profit. You can choose: Good Profit, Or more thing at 1 time. The two things not going together in the beginnings. So lets say, we will do the gathering. When will this profit? In the moment there are some people, who will buy raw materials. In this moment there are three people i know, and focuses on industry 0-24: Vak0nd, Dezgard and Senctar. Of course any1 can join them, but you need to spend time on statistic, and think a lot of when and what. But even they cant offer you the best prices, but they focusing on better prices then what the basic market can offer you. At the moment when there are enough buying market for such materials, every one can safly start such a character, because the product that he create can be sold on a reasonable price, on the market. From that moment, theres one more question: who will do the refinery: the one who gathered it, or the one who wants to buy it... So there will be market for both things, giving a bit more mess... Anyway, the rawmaterial refinerys efficiency is still there, so its could be a market, just to buy raw material, refinery it, and sell it with a bit profit... But i think most people who will deal with buying the materials, will bother with refinery... And when they will maximalize their refinery skill, there will be a fix difference between the rawmaterial->commodity prices.

Just to be understandable, why is it so important, to someone place an offer for the market: the basicly offered market price is maximum 25% of the real value of the item, while the markets selling price is working with a more then 75% percent bonus. So its worth everyway, to sell to a player, and buy from a player.

Our second opportunity is recycling. To buy, or simply loot from mobs: items, what we can recycle with an efficiency, and thus get back its materials. Its a quick and easy way to get commodities, but to get great numbers of commodities, we need lots of loot, which can be a problem, because items needs much bigger place in the cargo, then the raw materials, so its could be a thinky, to mine, or loot and recycle. Well, at this moment its looks like, recycling is better for starting an economyc character, then later change to the other way...

Okay, we have our commodities. Now we need a license, to produce our product. So we walk to the engineering, we request a license. Then we bring the license to the factory, where we have to only push the big red button, and voila, crafting. Well ofcourse the life is simply not that easy. We can do three more things in tha engineering.
First, we can improve our material efficiency... If you spend some money on it, with the first 4 level of upgrade you can gain a 15% reduce, on material cost... which is a really nice value. The second would be a time efficiency, which can reduce the production time... And the third is can improve how much license can we request at once, so we can automaticly repeat the license requesting procedure with the system, which takes around 1 hour/license, giving us the chance to avoid nightmares like "its 2am in the morning, i wake up, and start requesting a new license, because one just completed".

So after this, we have our product, we just have to find a buyer for it, and voila, we have money. Our products will be mostly buyed by other players, who will roll out in the desert, killing robodogs, and when they arrive home with full of scratch, and they want only a nice oil bath, they quickly look over the market window, and they discover it with a smile: "I always wanted such an extra armor, its so great, that someone start crafting it." and just pressing the buy button... And we, sitting in the smelly factory, quickly see a new info on our bank account, that we gained x money.

"an advice for everyone think about starting a crafter character: We currently only working with product, what is needed everytime, because its always consumed: the ammunition. It will be needed everyday giving us a fix market, and no one has currently an unique pattent, that could give us production right to items with special bonuses... and everything else is lootable."

October 28, 2009

Public announcement.

Around 100 beta accounts have been enabled, you should check your mailbox. If you didnt get an accept, don't worry, soon openbeta. :)

October 26, 2009

Good morning lads.

Lets see what happend in the weekend

  • We started loading the new robots into the client. Goes slowly. :)
  • We have a lots of refreshing problems.
  • We had loot problems, cargo problems, but it has been fixed.
  • We had a few problems with the Termis, it will be buffed and a new mining skill will be introduced!
From the players view:
  • Some sadomasochist people told me that they farmed out a whole ore field in 2 days. omg. =/
  • Some people started spending money on the industry, if everything goes well, they try to control the ammo market, by creating thousands of ammunition and offering it on lower prices then the npc-s does.
  • The first player corporation is created, and they are looting nicely together. :)
  • If my infos are correct, we have the first heavy mech, owned by a player.

October 24, 2009

Vagabond ingame!

Tomorrow i will write something, but i had to share this with you quickly.

October 21, 2009

Some nice pictures from Vak0nd!

You can find 4 more from it here: http://img10.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=perpetuum20091021231650.jpg

Beta news

Well, in the last few days, it was a really great experience for me, that the few people, who joined us in this last closed beta phase again, stayed active so long. I wish to say thank you for all of you, that you just keep playing the game, and writing useful comments to us. I was even surprised, that you found bugs, that should be fixed asap, but my sight is just simply skipping over it...

There were lots of post on our forum, about many things. I wish to write about two things, and tell you some info about this, to be clear: these are important stuff, and we wish to fix them fast.

The first is the long walks. These can be really long. We have many great ideas about how to reduce it... But: We are limited in time (as always) so we simply cant afford to implement these. Its not like "forget about it", we will try to do some better stuff (like teleport nodes, what you can drop, and can teleport you from A to B) after the release of the game. We will implement the InZone teleports, which will reduce the time of walking, plus we wish to help you with storing and fixing with smaller buildings, placed in some useful locations. So you dont have to walk all the way back from the mining field, just simply store in the nearest bunker, then when you done, transfer it with a bigger mech.

The other problem is the money gained by industrial characters... because its low. The reason for it is simple: because we dont have too many players at the moment (ahh how i wait for open beta) there are simply no buying market for it. Plus, you need some people, to form a nice corporation, where one people gathers plants, 2-3 people mines... Then you will have a much better profit rate. Of course its not doable with the current 20 player.. plus we trying to nerf the loots, because looting of npc-s is currently much better way to find money... We are on it to make balance. With mining, and everything else, material prices and stuff.

Well thats all about problems. Thanks for everyone in the beta so far! :)

October 18, 2009

Last Closed Beta phase opened!

Today, around (gmt+1) 3AM we opened the last closed beta phase, where every play invited, who had previously an account. This beta phase will last till max 1,5 month, after that we open the floodgates and OpenBeta will be released.

What this version can offer to you, and previous versions didnt?
  • Normal character "leveling", with every type of upgrade/extension, even from the character creator!
  • The 6 final map is under construction, but its in pretty useable state. Take a tour around, and even check for minerals/plants!
  • Npc flocks, with much better AI! If the first group you meet will be too easy, try check some bigger ones... ^^
What you should'nt do at this very moment in the game? (in my opinion)
  • Dont start MassDiplomatic character, or only, if you agree with some people, that you want to make a corporation. Reason: Gangbonus system is currently offline, so you cant give teambuff-s, nor with extensions, nor with modules.
  • We slowly modifying/terraforming the landscapes, but we doing it on a different server, and from time to time, we update the maps. Try to logout docked, so you cant find yourself in some messy position where you cant move. If it happens, write us on forum/irc/ingame, and we help you out!
  • Dont try to go trough the Outer teleports with a fresh character. (we have inner and outer teleports ;) ) It will be a pretty fast death if you meet a high level npc flock. Im not even suggesting it with a heavy mech. First, form a group, then go for it! :) Scouting can be fun though ^^
What we want you to do!
  • It would mean a lot to us, if you would try to start the game. Military characters should look for killable npc-s, Industrial characters should try to mine and make items, then sell it to other people. Diplomatic characters should lead corporations! Form corporations, and fight sometimes with each other! Gather money, buy better mechs! Dont let the market foul you: there are plenty items in the game, the base markets offer you just a piece.
  • Try ever base option! Look for every type of material, every type of mineral and plant is mineable/harvestable (though finding rare minerals, is a pain job, but hey, its worth it (i think ^^)
What will be implemented in the game soon:
  • Gangbonus system. its coming.
  • New robots
  • Final landscape
  • Mixed npc groups, for maximal challange.
Well, if we count what we have in this moment, and what will be added in this beta phase, we get what we will have in the start of the openbeta phase. In the open beta we will implement the questsystem, and shorly after the instances.

New trailer!

October 15, 2009

News time!

Hello everyone, im trying to gather some infos, and share it quickly with you ;)

Lets see first how the development going.

-Super Activity. I never saw so much people online from the developers, at the same time. gogogo :)
-Low prices on the market now changed to normal prices. Prepare to pay! for weapons and modules ofc.
-We started testing the opportunitys of new players, after we had some results, we made some dummy npc-s for learning and beginner combat.
-A new layer of texture is now implemented into the graphic system. its "Shiny". Checkout, screenshot included.
-The game's gang (party) system is now in pretty good shape, check it out. (i dont know what about you guys, but i like simple design, in the gang menu, with right click u can do 5-6 stuff, thats enough for me :) )
-New robot pics for you: Riveller, the HeavyMining mech
-Important info, because i told something stupid: I show you nice pictures of new robots, and told you about the new animation system, that will give us nice hand-weapon animations. Its still true, but the new animation system does not fits in the current developing time. This does not means that there will be no new mechs, it's just means, that they will use the old hand-weapon models, not the new system, which is till under development. Only after the release of the game will the developers have time to finish and implement the new animation system to the game, because its require atleast 2 month, and yet every hand is full with some work... so there just no time for it, before the release of the game. After it. (but, if you ask me, this is a really nice hint about what kind of graphical development would go on after the release of the game, if everything goes well ;) )

October 11, 2009

Zenith and a reaally nice weekend.

Ahoy there. Sorry again for the longer pause in the "info wave" but i had to escape from the depths of the city to some "less noise, more music, more drink" place, and... well i just returned, so i think i should serve you now the newest pictures i gained.

Zenith is the next mech who will be shown to you... (they told me to speed up the release of the new robot pictures, because if i dont, you will play with the new robots sooner then i release all from the list...) So... Zenith, The Thelodica EW mech.

He likes to play with the children, and guarding your yard perfectly. Or else maybe you can shoot lasers with it, and hax enemy mechs with it. Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway check out the nasty hands this nice robot has, and the laser which he's hiding under his armor.
I will tell you the true: I'm damn tired. Other news:
"Zoom says: We are preparing for the next closed beta stage."- Sounds good!
"Zoom says: A new trailer is just ready for release."- Woohooohoo! :D
They talk quite much about game rules and stuff, how to make it better, but im just damn to tired to make sense of it. I will check the logs later! :D
By the way, Blogger's picture upload system (which goes trough picasa) is currently sucks balls, as blogger dont create useable links from the pictures. Or im making some huge fatal mistake. I dont know, but i want you to be able to see the new robot pictures in a bit "higher resolution" so here, i uploaded it to a public picasa gallery: http://picasaweb.google.com/MancsPerp/PerpetuumPublic#

Btw: i think, this is the most... AWSOME robot that the game currently has. PEW PEW!

October 6, 2009

Official site's login is currently down.

Currently, we deleted all the live server characters, as we are working our way to the next beta phase. (in next beta phase you all have to "level" your characters, as you should do in final game.)
Because of this, you can't login to the official site... Because its requiring a character on the live server. Auch. Sorry, but we forgot about this. :( Next beta phase soon... we hope! :)

October 4, 2009

Allow me to present: Mr. Vagabond

Well, sometimes even good things can happen to me, i was able to put my paws on some nasty Vagabond picture, which presents us a new nuimqol EW mech!
What should we know about him? Well, first of all, the most important thing that we will learn, that if we see him, and we do not own a nice Anti-ECM, its time to turn around and sprint to the nearest base. He has around 6 head slots, which, combinated with the fact that he is the master of Electronic Warfare, making it clear for us: As long as the numbers don't speak against him, or he wont get a focused attack for a longer time, he will be a dominating part of the battlefield. From EW modules, he can basically use more, because we giving more stats, required for EW modules, to every robot which is running under the label "ew mech".

Which is really interesting, and amazing at this moment for me, is the hand animation: if we check out the pictures, we can see the robots hand sometimes, and sometimes not... Well, its because of the new animation system, that is currently developed: we can create more complex animations, robots. Previously I told another sample from the mining robot, but this is looks much more awesome, i can tell you! O.o

Don't worry, Vagabond has just enough weapon slots, to help out anyone with some magnetic bullet, if he thinks that "This is the best place to mine some Liquizit!"

Btw: sorry because the pictures looks a bit rough, it just quickly rendered, and i didn't want to mess it up with my amateur photoshop tricks.