November 29, 2009

sunday news =)

My week was full of running up'n'down, so i had less time for blog, lets see what we missed! :)

Patch is delayed, at least for a few more days, because we have quite nice amount of bug, but fixing goes pretty well, i hope we reach the end of the bug list soon, so we can patch you up ;)

Because the patch is delayed, we had more time to improve the game too! sometimes even incredible things happens, what stuns even me. O.o Like, with lowest graphics settings, i have 75 fps on dev client, while 41 with live beta client. If I go for highest graphics settings, i still have around 15% fps boost, which is quite amazing, thanks to BoyC! :) New graphic setting: you can turn off decor plants too :)

As we are well known for using blackmagic, Crm reports that the newest ritual was a success, we improved the server-client connection, with a huge number. (need to be tested, some persons says 2x server workspeed)

And in the end, I gathered some new fresh Ictus pictures!

Bloody hell, it just looks like a doomday device, with two mid energy neutralizer in the hand, and inevitable death coming from above ^^ Miners=Dead. WTB 2!

Thats for this very moment, have a nice game ;)

November 21, 2009

Update's coming

So here's the weekend, with fresh news!
Monday will give us new patch, lets look at it, what it will contain!

-Freighter robot: Sequer!
-Robots will not be auto-repaired when you dock into stations: you have to repair it!
-Icon updates: All kernels will have icons now, + new industrial tuning icon.
-Graphics update for 3d scanresults!

-Because of the freighter mech, and for balance, we nerfing all robots cargo with 50%!
-Combat update: now you can shoot your primary target, while its under locking! The chance to hit the target will be reduced, by the percentage of the locking process. Ew, and other weapons are activateable too! We are really interested about your experience about it, any reply on the forums will be highly welcomed! (atleast from me ;) )
-Reload update: It will check before the reload, that is there any ammo from that type available. New reload command: "load anything that fits into this goddamn weapon" looks for an use able ammo.

November 16, 2009

Monday refreshing news

I forgot to tell you guys, that after saturnday afternoon, a new patch was released, solving all server lagg and every annoying bugs. Still, our player number was lowered a bit, so i wish to wave to all of the players who fear the lagg, that you can come online again ;)

Woho, i counted, we have 26 robots! :)

Meanwhile, i have a bit time to talk about the biggest miner mech: Riveler!
This is the game's heavymech miner robot, the big guy can hold 5 medium miner, and a lot more module:
It has 42 units of cargo, which is quite impressive. But its really important, that like any other heavy mech, it can be only used with optimal performance, if you spend a lots of EP on extensions, because like if you don't have enough reactor upgrading extensions, it will be barely enough to hold the five med miner, not to mention anything else! So if you thinking about buying a heavy mech, first upgrade as many skills as possible, and only then buy a heavy mech. You should even consider this more if you want to buy a fighter mech/heavymech: Those who don't have enough extensions, will be easily killed be small EW mechs, because you simply wont be able to use all possibility that your mech can offer. (this looks like a number 1 problem these days. :) )

November 14, 2009

A bad day, a few good news.

The live server is in terrible shape :( Lags-lowfps... :(
But hold on agents, the fix is coming. Because the server is currently not so playable, i wish to give you some good news. :)

First of all, i told you about the new animation for shield. Well i uploaded a video, so check it out, it rocks:

Lets see what else do we have? Lots of people mentioned it, that we would need a freighter mech. So here's our newest robot: Sequer
The little guy is sleepy, not so lightning fast, and has 120units of cargo.

Hold on guys, patch is coming! :)

November 12, 2009

Thursday night news

Okay lets check what we have:

New animation to the shield!
This is how it looked like:
And at this very moment:

Well, if i look at these pictures this way: we had a greate graphic evolution! :)

Online players record: 52. :)

Some players had a long run, looking for epriton, and from those painful moments, there's the epic picture, created by Blackomen:
We have a nice server mess at moment, but our best programmers are working on it, and should be fixed soon by a huge two-handed sword/axe/hammer. Also with blackmagic& Caffeine.

Silent info: tomorrow, we will have the first look at the new freighter mech! Be patient, all those transporting/looting nightmares will be over! :)

November 10, 2009

Video, from me 2 you! :)

I promised around 2 weeks ago, that i would make a tutorial movie, about fighting, because we have lots of newcomers... So i think, this will give you guys a bit help!
+ there was some really low-res video on youtube, about the gameplay... (yeah i know this ain't so high-res, but currently i don't have 40gb on my harddrives, (thats what 5 minutes of fullHD raw video costs) But i think i will do some revolution, and give freedom to that 40gb... atleast this weekend. Then i will grab some serious weaponry, kick some ass, and record it in 1920x1080, no more pixels and stuff. Promise. :)
Until that moment: Gameplay Tutorial, about fighting. (HD is a bit better, but not rly)

November 7, 2009

Newstime. (=

Still alive. Gargaj made some presentation on a meetup, and there was some new info.
So, what was in the video:

-No elfs. Even now.
-Plants growing automaticly, that means we don't have to place new plants, they just growing.
-Map editing-In game, without extra software-Instantly. That means, we can edit the game, anytime, anywhere, with just the client. Ain't that great? This will give you, dear players the chance to terraform... In time.
-Rapidshare model. Gargaj told us the following: "Those who will pay, will get advantages, those who won't, will play with handicap." Not stable information, this can change anytime.

Okay, we have a new feature, check it out, its ultimate useful!
Options->Keyboard shortcuts->Get to the bottom of the list->[somethinglike:slopedisplay]->Give it a button->Try out.
This will visualize you the walkable paths, by painting red, everywhere else. Forget about slope problems, now you will easily dodge 'em. Maybe we will give it some graphic boost, but nothing serious. :)

Well thats for now! :) seeya

November 3, 2009

Laser Show

Yesterday, i was farming some npc-s, when i realized, how nice the laser animation, while using different types of energy cells (altering the color of the laser beam.) Screenshot time :)

November 2, 2009

Good morning everyone.


Alright, the first and the most important information at this very moment, that you should look in you mailbox, because yesterday we sent another 150 accepts with a postman. Don't give him a tip.

Lets look at our forum, maybe something interesting can be found there...

Hmm, our player Vak0nd has realized, that calculating with prices, minerals, and such can be a pain so he created a material calculator. Skip the description, its in hungarian, i know. :) But, Vak0nd made a nice "english" button in the program, so you guys can use it perfectly. (vak0nd says it will be later updated with some extra feature, wow.)
I have to tell you that, tho sometimes we forgot things, but anyway we always have this nice teamspeak server online, what you can use anytime you want:

About the newest patch:
-Woho, we have a new small blue icon, that shows you if its on a player, then you dont have to fear him. Why? Because he's in range of the police turret.
-Meanwhile, we dropped of a lots of police turret on the starter islands, making 75% of these zones safe.
-If im correct our termis problem has been fixed, it should handle mid miner tools much better, and we have some new mining skill to.
-And lots of minor things.

Okay, now i go, get some breakfast, so maybe i remember something else....