October 21, 2009

Beta news

Well, in the last few days, it was a really great experience for me, that the few people, who joined us in this last closed beta phase again, stayed active so long. I wish to say thank you for all of you, that you just keep playing the game, and writing useful comments to us. I was even surprised, that you found bugs, that should be fixed asap, but my sight is just simply skipping over it...

There were lots of post on our forum, about many things. I wish to write about two things, and tell you some info about this, to be clear: these are important stuff, and we wish to fix them fast.

The first is the long walks. These can be really long. We have many great ideas about how to reduce it... But: We are limited in time (as always) so we simply cant afford to implement these. Its not like "forget about it", we will try to do some better stuff (like teleport nodes, what you can drop, and can teleport you from A to B) after the release of the game. We will implement the InZone teleports, which will reduce the time of walking, plus we wish to help you with storing and fixing with smaller buildings, placed in some useful locations. So you dont have to walk all the way back from the mining field, just simply store in the nearest bunker, then when you done, transfer it with a bigger mech.

The other problem is the money gained by industrial characters... because its low. The reason for it is simple: because we dont have too many players at the moment (ahh how i wait for open beta) there are simply no buying market for it. Plus, you need some people, to form a nice corporation, where one people gathers plants, 2-3 people mines... Then you will have a much better profit rate. Of course its not doable with the current 20 player.. plus we trying to nerf the loots, because looting of npc-s is currently much better way to find money... We are on it to make balance. With mining, and everything else, material prices and stuff.

Well thats all about problems. Thanks for everyone in the beta so far! :)

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