April 30, 2010

New infos about next patch.

We have many things coming in the next patch! :)

As you may know, we planned placing new outposts buildings all over the islands. These outposts will work same way as bases do, except that they have limited functionality (some factory maybe missing from the outposts.)

New missions
The new mission pack will contain new "mission levels". Let me explain this one: each mission has a standing requirement, and a standing reward. At moment, we have rank1 missions, (with a very low standing reward, so you can't get quickly a new standing "rank") and we will add five more. What we aiming at:
  • at all, 6 mission ranks, from lightbot to mech category.
  • Each rank takes more time to reach. (of course, hehe)
  • Rewards will be more on higher ranked missions.
  • Every mission target will be placed around a base/outpost. We don't want players to walk half hours just to reach the mission's place.
Changes in missions:
  • Looting missions no longer have loot&fetch kernel objectives. Instead, every mission will have its own mission item, which will be required to complete the mission.
  • Beside cash reward, we will give the players special ammunition. (which isn't producible, so you can get it only trough mission or market)
  • Your standing to the corporations will modify the corporation related bases/outposts functions (Relation ratio)
New mission types:
  • industrial missions requiring military support.
  • specops mission targeting elite group of ewar bots.
Prototype crafting upgrade
In the future, if you will prototype a named item you will obtain a special, prototype item instead of the usual, named item. These prototype items will have a bit better stats, mainly reduced requirements, and minor amount of tweaks for better usage. In the case of reverse engineering such a prototype item, you will acquire the CT of the named item. (so reverse engineering a named prototype item allows the production of the named item.) Of course, reverse engineering a not prototype item still remains, but if you reverse engineer a prototype item, the decoder level, will be lower, and the CT's attributes will be better. (material and time ratio will be higher)

April 14, 2010

Development news

The team's working really hard. (honestly)

Let me show you the new Equip Window!
It's nice and working perfectly. It now even shows what level of modules can be equipped into the target slot. Actually, its far more perspicuous then the previous version, easy to use and looks much nicer too.

New mission pack is on its way too, with an npc spawnpoint replacement/modification. Most of the npc groups will contain at least 2 type of robots. We will have harder industrial missions, which will require military protection, but will give better reward.(at least double reward) The missions will take place on the pvp islands too: teleports and outposts will await the players everywhere. :) (teleports: atleast 3/zone, outpost: fix 3/zone)

We also working on balancing, we try to keep up with your forum posts. Some of them will be balanced later, but if you post about something really annoying, then we will try to fix it as fast as possible. It was a painful decision, but we limited the use of the mass reductors to 1/robot, so after the next patch we will not see Kains running with 90kmph+. To balance this, we improved the mass reductor's effectiveness by a small percent, so those who used 1-2 weight reducers should have nearly the same effect, but speed fittings wont be possible in the future. (this gives escape chance for small robots against big ones)

That's at all at moment! See you guys on next week!

April 6, 2010

Community news

Hello there, again! :)

Once again, we have a nice number of players online, giving us the chance of making pvp tournaments and such. Many new players testing perpetuum at moment, and we hope it will stay like that. :) (we allowing friend invites once more)

Meanwhile, we have 3 new fan websites, and each offers some interesting content.

GM|Dehrios (and a few more people of course) hosted a nice website, PerpetuumZone. It's a nice collection of information, that the admins collected here: Missions, factions, and tutorials. Dehrios also streaming trough xfire, so if you don't have a beta access, but you still wish to look into the game, this can be a nice place to check. (Because Dehrios is in USA, European viewers may have a low kbit/s connection) Image gallery is also noticeable.

The second website I found is a blog about a player, who just tells story about many things. The site is called A distant sparkle. I hope to see more article from the creator! :)

And finally, gremrod's blog,(who is also an admin of perpetuumzone) posting his tutorial videos nicely there. (if I'm correct these are also accessible trough perpetuumzone) A wonderful idea, and Great work! We all wish to see more tutorials like this, and we are very thankful that you help us creating such videos. (It should help all newbie player to get quickly informed, until we have a working tutorial system [soon, promise])

Well, thanks for reading!