May 30, 2010

New patch, new players! :)

Hello there!

It's been a few days since we were able to release our newest patch, including many new features, like outposts, tons of missions, direct trading and so on.

As usually in the beta, there were a few things that had to be hotfixed, or changed after the patch, but I have to say that we dealt with them pretty fast.

First of all, I wish to say hello for our new players who joined the closed beta recently. We accepted many beta applications in the last few days, so make sure that you check into your mailbox if you ain't in the beta yet: it's maybe your lucky day.

There was a few details about the mission system, that we didn't wrote down to anywhere yet, so I wish to share with you now.
-To each corp you have a standing, that will increase as you complete missions for them. To get a higher confidentiality level mission, you have to achieve a higher standing. There are standing values which work as borders for these confidentiality levels. Basically, these are the whole numbers: 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00. If you reach 6.00, you completed all the missions for that corporations, at moment.
-We have a rule to make sure that you won't farm only one mission. This rule says, that you can pick up a mission only if this mission isn't in your "previously done missions" list in 3 times for the last 10 missions you have done.

There will be a few changes soon, so here's a quick update.
-We will change this farming rule, from 3 to 6, so missions won't disappear simply by doing them 3 times. Also, this allows players to level with only one corporation. (previous setting prevented this)
-Mission items (data discs) will be recyclable hopefully really soon. So it won't be simply a trash item if you have more of them then what you need.
-I will rebalance the mission standing modifiers, so missions with less standing reward will give a bit more, and missions with much more standing reward will give a bit less. (less difference on standing side, same difference in reward prices and items.)

Make sure you guys visit the outposts and do missions there too! (These missions accessible after reaching 1.00 standing with a corp, check missions available for you trough the assignment window!)

Finally, a nice screenshot from the ICS outpost:

May 10, 2010

Patchinfo 2 :)

Another week goes by, here's the latest news:

Direct Trade
You can trade only in base, and only if you both in the same base. Everything is trade-able, and you can even offer money trough the system. ;)

Fraction numbers in Market!
Many of you requested it, so after a long time, we finally implemented it.

New Outposts - Screenshot time!
Thelodica Outpost Building

Pelistal Outpost Building

There's still many things to finalize, and the Nuimqol outpost model is still in works... But looks like we finally will be able to patch in the close future. :) If any new thing comes up, I will be eager to share it with you! :)