February 25, 2010

Base report.

Actually, i'm amazed. How fantastic work can such a few people do in such a short time.
So let's see what I have.

-Zoom's working on a full gui revamp. We going for a nicer, and more hmm, high-techy interface.
-We made a new information layer for the client from the map, so all players will be able see every police protected zone, even from outside. This also brings us a new feature: the system will warn you when you leave the police protected zone.
-I heard noise from the Melchior's Shack. I heard he plays with rocks and buildings. We hope to see them soon. :)

And finally, you may got bored of that red annoying marker, showing you where you can, or cannot go. Well, just as you, we got bored of it too. So we reworked this too.

+1: A nice interview

February 12, 2010

Finally, Ew mechs released. Patchday.

-Chat reworked. We always tried to have a complex and well working chat system (like IRC), we just went one step forward. Mute options, remembers what channels you were in. Password protection for channels.
-Autowalk. Because you asked for it. And we care. :) Double tap forward at voila!
-Ew mechs released. Yarr! :)
-Sound updates.

Full patchlog: http://www.perpetuum-online.com/Changelog:2010-02-11

Other thingys.

-Xfire support. If you using Xfire, please make sure to add Perpetuum to your game list. (so we can move forward on the rank list of Xfire :) )
-New Icon. Shiny-nice, and big. I like it :)

February 5, 2010

Ictus, my new best friend.

Such a wonderful day!(at least for me, hehe)

Where should I start?
I won't lie: I have less time at moment to work on the game. So I have a bit harder time too, to get some nice info for you guys. Still, I join the server when I have a bit freetime. And of course, when something should be checked, I jump to the developer server, for a quick look around.

As I did it yesterday, I realized something, that I never did before: Ictus, our last EW mech on the line, will be the most awesome mech in the game actually. I spent time on trying different fittings, realizing, that actually Ictus will be a pvp massacre mech. Harvester of... robot souls.

Ictus actually able to use 3 energy weapon alongside with (or) 3 rocket launcher. (its 2+2+1/1, as you wish, 2energy with 3rocket or 3energy 2 rocket) What's really makes me say "awesooome" is that while it handles the three medium energy drainer, it's also able to use shield... +3 EW module. Basicly, he will dry your accumulator, while laughing behind a shield, and demobilizing +sensor suppressing you. Auch.

I'm actually amazed about its animation complexity: I hope you can check it out soon too. The rockets on it's shoulder can actually roll back to it's back, (most of the new robots have this trick) It actually has a hand, and unlike the other Ew robots, the hand trick is solved with the currently used animation system. (Yes, on the list... as always. :) ) The hand can change into the weapon, and backwards. +The jackpot trick, that it its head moves like... I guess its *mouth* is moving. The movement animation is 10/10, and the mech also has a bit "crazymachine" feeling, because as it moves, it just feels like that the parts on his back are moving... And this is actually a really cool thing... ^^ that our mechs do hand gestures, ingame. If I'm correct we have 2-3 mechs with this feature at moment, but more will come.

And with nice hand animations... Well, everything is possible. :)