September 27, 2009

Sunday, again.

Well heres the weekend again, and I had to work again, so i had less time to spend on the game... (You should know that I'm only writing this blog in my freetime, and even i have to live from something ;) ) So i quickly think about what interesting infos has comed to me...

Well, last time i show you some smaller building... Well it has now a pelistal pair, but i realized that its not a soo important building rather just a small decor-addon building that will appear many times... So you will face it from time to time. Well maybe I shall tell you quietly that a new mech model is coming, this time an EW-mech, just waiting to jamm the ass of all heavy-mechs...

Music: Well, if i know it right, some new weapon sounds have been made, or there should be some to make because some are missing. ^^

Facebook. Yuhuu, we even there. How we dare?! This way... Facebook account is needed to check it out, but not too much extra information if you ask me... Tho all vids will have link there, and important informations should be released there too.

well have a nice weekend ;)


  1. keep'um coming. nice work.
    any luck getting me into the beta

  2. Thanks! :)
    Well, as i heard there will be one more closed beta stage. But it will be hard, because we wish to start a gameplay. And because the game focuses on community, and gameplay for or against other group of players, we will look for players who wish to spend time on the game even if its not soo fun in the beginning. (we want players who see the possibility in the game, not just actual funrate :) ) [Its only my opinion. :), but hey, who knows? ;)]