November 29, 2009

sunday news =)

My week was full of running up'n'down, so i had less time for blog, lets see what we missed! :)

Patch is delayed, at least for a few more days, because we have quite nice amount of bug, but fixing goes pretty well, i hope we reach the end of the bug list soon, so we can patch you up ;)

Because the patch is delayed, we had more time to improve the game too! sometimes even incredible things happens, what stuns even me. O.o Like, with lowest graphics settings, i have 75 fps on dev client, while 41 with live beta client. If I go for highest graphics settings, i still have around 15% fps boost, which is quite amazing, thanks to BoyC! :) New graphic setting: you can turn off decor plants too :)

As we are well known for using blackmagic, Crm reports that the newest ritual was a success, we improved the server-client connection, with a huge number. (need to be tested, some persons says 2x server workspeed)

And in the end, I gathered some new fresh Ictus pictures!

Bloody hell, it just looks like a doomday device, with two mid energy neutralizer in the hand, and inevitable death coming from above ^^ Miners=Dead. WTB 2!

Thats for this very moment, have a nice game ;)

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