November 16, 2009

Monday refreshing news

I forgot to tell you guys, that after saturnday afternoon, a new patch was released, solving all server lagg and every annoying bugs. Still, our player number was lowered a bit, so i wish to wave to all of the players who fear the lagg, that you can come online again ;)

Woho, i counted, we have 26 robots! :)

Meanwhile, i have a bit time to talk about the biggest miner mech: Riveler!
This is the game's heavymech miner robot, the big guy can hold 5 medium miner, and a lot more module:
It has 42 units of cargo, which is quite impressive. But its really important, that like any other heavy mech, it can be only used with optimal performance, if you spend a lots of EP on extensions, because like if you don't have enough reactor upgrading extensions, it will be barely enough to hold the five med miner, not to mention anything else! So if you thinking about buying a heavy mech, first upgrade as many skills as possible, and only then buy a heavy mech. You should even consider this more if you want to buy a fighter mech/heavymech: Those who don't have enough extensions, will be easily killed be small EW mechs, because you simply wont be able to use all possibility that your mech can offer. (this looks like a number 1 problem these days. :) )