November 10, 2009

Video, from me 2 you! :)

I promised around 2 weeks ago, that i would make a tutorial movie, about fighting, because we have lots of newcomers... So i think, this will give you guys a bit help!
+ there was some really low-res video on youtube, about the gameplay... (yeah i know this ain't so high-res, but currently i don't have 40gb on my harddrives, (thats what 5 minutes of fullHD raw video costs) But i think i will do some revolution, and give freedom to that 40gb... atleast this weekend. Then i will grab some serious weaponry, kick some ass, and record it in 1920x1080, no more pixels and stuff. Promise. :)
Until that moment: Gameplay Tutorial, about fighting. (HD is a bit better, but not rly)

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