November 21, 2009

Update's coming

So here's the weekend, with fresh news!
Monday will give us new patch, lets look at it, what it will contain!

-Freighter robot: Sequer!
-Robots will not be auto-repaired when you dock into stations: you have to repair it!
-Icon updates: All kernels will have icons now, + new industrial tuning icon.
-Graphics update for 3d scanresults!

-Because of the freighter mech, and for balance, we nerfing all robots cargo with 50%!
-Combat update: now you can shoot your primary target, while its under locking! The chance to hit the target will be reduced, by the percentage of the locking process. Ew, and other weapons are activateable too! We are really interested about your experience about it, any reply on the forums will be highly welcomed! (atleast from me ;) )
-Reload update: It will check before the reload, that is there any ammo from that type available. New reload command: "load anything that fits into this goddamn weapon" looks for an use able ammo.

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