November 7, 2009

Newstime. (=

Still alive. Gargaj made some presentation on a meetup, and there was some new info.
So, what was in the video:

-No elfs. Even now.
-Plants growing automaticly, that means we don't have to place new plants, they just growing.
-Map editing-In game, without extra software-Instantly. That means, we can edit the game, anytime, anywhere, with just the client. Ain't that great? This will give you, dear players the chance to terraform... In time.
-Rapidshare model. Gargaj told us the following: "Those who will pay, will get advantages, those who won't, will play with handicap." Not stable information, this can change anytime.

Okay, we have a new feature, check it out, its ultimate useful!
Options->Keyboard shortcuts->Get to the bottom of the list->[somethinglike:slopedisplay]->Give it a button->Try out.
This will visualize you the walkable paths, by painting red, everywhere else. Forget about slope problems, now you will easily dodge 'em. Maybe we will give it some graphic boost, but nothing serious. :)

Well thats for now! :) seeya

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