August 22, 2009

Screenshot galery from the past, filled with comments.

I take a look around in my screenshot gallery, presenting you the best shots i made in the past few months. Take a look around.

Old building renewed :)

New Base: for Pelistal!

My favourite robot: Intakt in front of the new base. Lights ON

Terrain, Sun goes dooown :)

New Teleport building

Other new base: Numiqul

Screenshot from the logo creator

Laser fight... yooo! :)

A brand new Kain. Check out the lights+shadows on the dock!

Best shot of the last month: Gropho with full shadows.

Nasty picture from the dock, preparing to run some circle around the base, and playing with production windows.

A new robot incoming: Termis!

Rocks gained shadows... now looks like much better!


  1. For the record, these screenshots cover several months of development, so they vary pretty wildly. :)

  2. Indeed, there's a picture from 3-4 month ago. But its nice to see these pictures next to each other, representing how nicer the game has become! :)