August 25, 2009

News about the newest features ^^

Before I write the next article about the EW modules, I taught that I shall tell you what the developers did last week... So lets see ^^

One of the things that the hud, that places on every player (as I marked on the picture "effect hud", but I'm not sure what we really call it...) has gained a bit update, as it was shown, now telling the players name and our relation to them, making it easier to understand the situation. Tho it was a bit buggy, the name was often get on top of the effects, becoming unreadable, so it was fixed.

The guys made some update to the character creator screen, now the big planet is no longer shown from the huge distance. Also, with this screenshot i attach here, I'm showing you some not yet finalized content from the character creator, about one of the ICS's chooseable schools.As some of you may remember from the last beta stage, the terrain was very rough, and because every robot has a maximal slope it can take (called slope capability) and because the terrain had many spikes, many robots was able to suddenly stop at positions where they felt too much slopes. Because of this, the map generator has been updated to generate much more smooth maps, givin us much less headache ^^

One of the newest gui add-ons was the scannerbox, which now works very well and capable of telling results coming from the different scanners, we wish to use. (we have 3 type of scanner at moment: Geoscanner for mining purposes, chassis and cargo scanner for checking the enemys weaponry and items in their cargo.)

The mining and the harvesting (which gives us the materials for crafting) now are in pretty good stage, mining now runs with only a few bugs, and harvesting is started gaining helpful tools, like the Landmark infobox tells us what type of material does the targeted plant holds, and how much could be gained from it.

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