August 21, 2009

Current Beta state

Well, I taught that first i should talk about what happened in the last few months, after the open of the closed pvp beta test.

First stage was pvp beta:
  • Weapons&Modules testing, bug fixing.
  • Reloading, Firing problems fixing.
  • First graphical eye candy, jammer got the awesomeness.
  • First view to named weapons&modules.
  • New module: armour repairer tuning.
  • Weapons take side ways: each weapon has a long range-less damage and a short range more damage type.
  • Extra hud for checking the enemy's support/ew techniques.
Corporations testing
  • Ahoy there Corporations! Lots of log fixes, because many things wasn't shown, or shown in a bad way.
  • The new corporation storage system implemented, a bit fuss about the different rights to the storages.
  • The corp. logo system gets a new creator.
  • The corp. rank system get an update, to reduce server work.
  • Relations between players and corps now displayed on the map.
And in the last 2 month:
  • Weapons get reload/load options trough fitting window.
  • factory, labour, recycling, refinery is now implemented, working.
  • The first working version of the new map system is now implemented.
  • The map gets a huge update, changes in the map generating methods.
  • New buildings, teleport models.
  • Working mining.... tho' still under development.
  • Shadows implemented, now working with everything, from terrain to plants. (rocks, buildings, robots etc)
  • Skill system reformed, new characters get limited skills and xp.
comment: i just quickly though about what happened in the last few months, maybe some stuff are missing.

What are we looking forward to come...
  • Quest system. The developers spending much time on creating npc-s and quest lines.
  • performance boost on shadows and graphics. And we will need some polish on the terrain system, about the terrain object sight radius. i mean its now really sharp how they pop up from nowhere :)
  • We looking forward to see terrain decorations. Forgotten buildings, scrap metal pieces and other goodies.
  • New robots. Around 6-8 will come till the next beta stage.
Everything else, is sadly... not public. :)

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