August 26, 2009

EW modules + other goodies

All right so as I said, now I will write about the ew modules, that can bring fun to fights.

As in the previous article I told you, we have many stats, that can be important in a battle. Like if someone has lower targeting range then the other, it means that the person with the longer range has better chances, if it specces in long range weapons. (lasers do the job) But even if he uses short ranged weapons, he still owns the targeting from bigger distance, which still requires time for its oppenent, when he finally gets into range. The Ew modules base idea, is to modify these really important stats, by negative effects.

Sensor Ews.
We have some nice modules here.
Well first of all Sensor dampener. Its reducing the target's targeting range and highering the targeting time. Because these ew modules at the currents state can be stacked, with a few people focusing on a robot with sensor dampeners, they can blind their target, by reducing its targeting range to nearly zero. (But thats requires team work)

An easy counter modul is the Sensor Booster which can help you out from these situations, elseway, giving you bonus to these stats, so in standard situations, it can give you the upperhand. Please remember that nearly every EW module is active, what means, that to gain its effect you have to activate it, which takes energy from you.

Maybe its not you the one that need of sensor boosting, maybe one of your friend, so heres a support module, Remote sensor booster. Maybe im not telling too big secret: most of the useful boosters have remote types, giving a chance to create booster characters.

Alright, another tricky tool is Sensor Jammer(also known as ECM). It can hack your enemys targeting computer, and if its sucsessful, deleting all his target... so he have to retarget everything. Defense module to this is EECM, which gives you better sensor strength stats, makeing you less hackable.

We have the Demobilizer, which can help by slowing down your target. If you using this in a pack, can be the deadliest weapon... If lots of demobilizers aiming at you, you will wont be able to move.

Well these was the offical EW tools, but i think some more tool is belonging to here.

We have some energy tools too, like energy drainer, transferer and neutralizer. Drainer is simply stealing energy, and giving it to you. Transfer takes energy from you and giving it to someone else (support) and neutralizer is basicly takes much energy from you, and takes away same from your target. (can be useful if you think about it ;) )

We have some active resistance shields... Well you turn them on and they give you some kind of resistance... We have 4 for the 4 different resist, and one universal, which gives u less resist, but you will gain it for all the types of resist.

We even have Shield system, but i wont tell now all of its modules. Lets just say that a basic shield is nothing else, then a channeling between your energy and armor. You wont take damage, but you take energy for every damage taken by your shield, so its really important to understand when you should use it. Further more, with basic shields... you cant shoot trough the shield with weapons. (haha, if everything goes well, that "basic shields..." is just going for basic shields using, but wish us good luck for creating some extra fun stuff for you, maybe some new not foretold modules. ;) )

I hope now i was able to tell you about the funny and tricky modules, that you can use to gain suddenly upperhand in a battle. But there are many modules that you can use to raise your stats, giving you some other kind of chances to win.

I wish to tell you one more thing... I started writing about the battle system first, because most of the people I first met in the game, their first questions was directly aiming at this part of the game, because of its complexity. This game hold Much More then just fighting, and i will tell you about all the things, that you shall know about the game's features, what the game will be able to give to you... what experience, what feeling, exactly what type of contents will be await for you in this great game.

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