August 31, 2009

last report from august.

Aright, so lets see... Here comes new infos!!!

This picture shows that the new "when the slope is too big" feature. When it is too big, this mark will be shown, and will stay on screen till you walk away from the problematic spot.

Woohoo Keyshortcuts! Now supporting only a few commands, mostly open/close windows, but soon will gain new commands like... target it, take it main target, drop target, reload all etc.

The open/close windows now gained buttons for easier switch, and filling some space in the topright corner. :)Ey, nearly forgot, that all the npc-s got some AI update, so now the little evils fighting much better. Don't even think about killing 4-5 in one time, even the smallest ones reap a heavy mech. Auch.

Here comes September, and with a bit hope, the time for open-beta is now much nearer! :)

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