January 5, 2010

New patch, exploit fun! :)

The first days of 2010 were pretty interesting so lets see what did we fix... in today's patch. :)

-Our dear testers found two speedhax exploits, which have been now fixed.
-We heard many testers complaining that the resists ain't working... So we tested it, and found out they are working perfectly. But every ammo type shot kinetic damage instead of seismic. Ouch. Fixed. :D
-We even had a reload exploit. We like to fix these exploits, as this type of testing requires the most thinking/hardwork to find. ^^
-We had a bit of client fps slowdown, because the lazy shadows went to party. The party's over, so we forced them back to work. Fps is back now. Hamsters are healthy in the server room too.
-Rockets now have a nice smoke effect! Check it out asap! :)

We tried to have a bit of brake, but still, we allowed around 100 players into the game during the holiday, invitation based. :)

Dehrios has become GM in the last days, as a reward for his hard work on player support. He's really helpful for us, because he's even available, when we are sleeping or having a party... in the middle of the night! (at least for us.) You can contact with him in English language, only. Cheers ;)

Our Online player record has been now 72, and We have a new statistic on the blog, representing player death per hour. We all pray for the lost souls of our brothers, fighting for a better world, and for an enslaved Nia. Don't worry, these are just robots. Shhh, move along citizen.

Update: BoyC just told me that we accepted 200 new beta registrations. Check mailbox ;)

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