January 11, 2010


As always. Specially, I worked a bit on missions, and it's just looks like cool. We going to have missions! ^^ Soon.

What else do I have to share with you? :)

First of all, as we updated the live client with new rocket animation, every1 was like "wow that's cool". Actually, it was just a rough, not perfectly configured animation. So we worked on the details, so now... its just looks like much better.

I had to check out some npc flock, and then I found a whole group of players farming it :) So i quickly made some movie... The trick is, that its captured trough the developer client, which already has the new rocket animation. Turn HD on!

GM|Mancs looking around in his messy harddrive, full of useless things...

Community news. He-he.

Did you ever heard of YARR? Well, M2S did. Perpetuum's first pirate corporation actually works hard to make everyone else life a bit... yeah harder. So bring up the Grog, reload the cannons, (I mean lasers) do the Three Trials, and u can be a Pirate. Be aware to step on the Outer Islands without proper defense.

Each day, our community grows bigger and bigger. Actually, Black Widow Company is one of our fastest growing corporation, with many members trying out the game. Hello there guys! :)

What do I have what do I have? Oh yes, Ta-ta-ta-da! Symbiont, HeavyMech category harvester robot.

Now if you take a closer look, u can have two guess. That thing in his left shoulder is there basicly, or What is that?! Even more: Whats on his right shoulder?!Well, its looks like we have a medium industrial aoe weapon.(for clearing the plants etc) And... Small Artillery weapon. GM|Mancs uses thermo-optical camouflage, to disappear into the fog, leaving many mysterious questions for another time. Later ;)

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