January 23, 2010

Still alive

Hello there everyone! :)
It's been more then one week, since I last posted here... sorry for that. :(
Let's see what do I have in my treasury chest ^^

Yes I know, we talked about it. "It's coming" etc. For far too long. :) Mostly, it's just polish and extra work till we can finally release it to the closed beta server.

Sooo... Let's pick up a mission! :)
As it was told before, the first mission pack will contain 81 mission, all of them focuses on low level players, to balance out the "leveling" process. Then if it works as we want, we just add new missions in packs.
We have 6 types of mission at this very moment:
  • Bounty hunting: You have to kill x piece of robot.
  • Destroy&Recover: Get x piece of item, from a type of robot.
  • Delivery: Transport special, Mission items (Load) between bases.
  • Military Recon: Use the the chasis/cargo scanner on x piece of robot.
  • Geology assigment: Use the scanner, with a predefinied geoscanner charge type.
  • Mineral exploitation: Get x amount of material.
+ to all of this, we set position. So you have to do mining/killing/scanning on a preset location.

hmm: the radar also shows now targets.

Waypoints: new feature
Now you can send your waypoints to other players.
Lock Sound effects
Let the video talk instead of me. :) Beep Beep!

Community news
From time to time, we have some pvp action too. So I looked around for some video.
Fantastic work guys, thank you very much for crafting such videos!

Translate the Perpetuum project!
Many of you asked it previously, that would it be possible to translate the project into other languages. As the call for participation went to official state, just enough person has volunteered for the job. The game is under translating into German and Portugal! When a translation is complete, the client's language option will include it, and you will be able to use it.
To the translators: I'm amazed.. Thank you for your work! :)
(As I just wrote these lines, I heard that the devs added the new flags to the client's resources :) )


  1. Is there away to resubmit my beta application? I applied months ago and never heard back even though I recently read a couple of posts ago you started taking beta applicants again? I even mentioned that I beta tested 2 other MMOs (wrapping up the Star Trek one as I'm typing this) and I am a veteran Eve player...


  2. about Perpetuum mass pvp. There is another movie which tells about events that took place a day before.