September 20, 2009

Sunday Sweeties

Well, the work currently goes a bit slow, because some of the developers currently at their own demoscener program... So i cant poke too many people here, to get some new information, or to make some new stuff that i can tell you about... this weekend. :) So I'm just chilling and playing with a huge shovel, editing the game's map, creating places to go... :) I'm even a bit angry because I'm waiting for some article to be released from some good hungarian gaming newspaper, and other stuffs, because there was a lots of nice picture taken for this reason... I really like the pictures but i can't release such pictures before the article is readable on the main site. Soo, guess i have to look into my screenshot folder, so maybe i can find some nasty pictures.

Yeah, now thats a funny picture. When i first saw it i couldn't believe my eyes. The game can defragment its datafiles, so the access speed wont get lower as time goes on. Nice! :)

Well, yeah as you may see, this is just a nice path between two hills, and just rolling down to the beach. In smaller spaces the plants even look better, but thats just my opinion.

Hehe, top secret picture, taken while we was doing some shooting and good things. Hell, i hope that i wont see such few players around, when we finally get into open beta. You may even notice the lots of white squares in the background, they mark Lootboxes, what we are lazy to loot... (Npc spawn currently a bit too fast) :)

Gropho and Kain, head by head... well its clear Gropho is the bigger guy, and kain is not even a heavy mech.

Well, couldn't find more stuff at this moment, i wish everyone a nice weekend! :)

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