January 2, 2011

Banhammer strikes.


Because this blog isn't official, I guess that means that I can troll around for a few minutes.
After a bit investigation, we successfully banned 15 accounts because of NIC selling for real money.

Many of you reported a large group of miners, mining for 12+ hours a day, without corporation and pretty suspicious.
It was super interesting to connect all those accounts together, and investigate their account, find someone who supposedly bought NIC from them, talk to the persons, confirm that these guys do what I thought they do... and then wave the banhammer.

I have to warn all of you, that such activities are forbidden by the EULA. If you receive cash from an unknown player, either send it back or immediately report this issue to a GM.

I was thinking by the way... How's this goes with other smaller mmos? Do they have the tools to confirm such issues? To point out the required informations? For us it's one of the most important things, to make sure that our game provides fair gameplay for every player. Do the other small mmos even care about such things as "gold farmers"?

Well, we do care. Take care guys!


  1. Thank you for supporting the integrity of the game and the player experience rather than stuffing your pockets with the subscriptions of NIC farmers.

  2. Smaller (And bigger) MMOs do indeed have tools.
    They're note advanced, but they get a whole lot done.

    As always it's not a good call to detail such tools in public, but I'll note down the basics (The 'duh' parts)

    1) Log Everything. Especially Every. Single. Transaction. Sling this data into a graphtool and you have an amazing map to look at with some incredibly juicy data.
    Same with trades, market sales, whenever an item or NIC changes hands, You should know.

    2) Be patient. While not a tool, it's a skill. The ability to give it a month before banning. Why? Because if not threatened the farmers can out more of their ranks.

    No, there isn't anything else to detail in public.
    People who Buy NIC, will buy again.
    IPs that Sell NIC, will sell again.
    Always Log Everything.

  3. Each player can be a farmer whit a little NIC on his side and a gold NIC selling companies is just a middle hand. So what I tried to say its no way to stop it, theirs always be people that don't hawe patience to get bigger and better stuff.