January 3, 2011

Artillery work in progress

Some features already done, some are still on the workbench.
Testing and polishing the artillery line of sight calculation.
DEV Crm testing the artillery calculations.
Red dots mark the flight path of the bullet, blue dots mark the points on the terrain to check for line of sight block.
Dear players, please do not think that lightbots will have artillery. "Testing" means testing. :)


  1. So..now its time to accumulate EP for it?

  2. nice but why an intakt using it ? they already fast as hell, shouldn't this be for missile bots ?

  3. I know this isn't related to the post, but wasn't sure where to put this... is there any planned support (software development) for the Logitech G19 keyboard LCD Display soon?

  4. Can't anyone use the Logitech SDK to write their own stuff to feed information to the LCD screen?

  5. artillery is awesome! i want to blow up somebody in long distance!!!

    мне только одно интересно, это максимальная дальность действия или у тяжёлых мехов она будет больше? и потребуются ли специальные модули-наводчики у союзников, чтобы точней стрелять через горы и поля?))