April 30, 2010

New infos about next patch.

We have many things coming in the next patch! :)

As you may know, we planned placing new outposts buildings all over the islands. These outposts will work same way as bases do, except that they have limited functionality (some factory maybe missing from the outposts.)

New missions
The new mission pack will contain new "mission levels". Let me explain this one: each mission has a standing requirement, and a standing reward. At moment, we have rank1 missions, (with a very low standing reward, so you can't get quickly a new standing "rank") and we will add five more. What we aiming at:
  • at all, 6 mission ranks, from lightbot to mech category.
  • Each rank takes more time to reach. (of course, hehe)
  • Rewards will be more on higher ranked missions.
  • Every mission target will be placed around a base/outpost. We don't want players to walk half hours just to reach the mission's place.
Changes in missions:
  • Looting missions no longer have loot&fetch kernel objectives. Instead, every mission will have its own mission item, which will be required to complete the mission.
  • Beside cash reward, we will give the players special ammunition. (which isn't producible, so you can get it only trough mission or market)
  • Your standing to the corporations will modify the corporation related bases/outposts functions (Relation ratio)
New mission types:
  • industrial missions requiring military support.
  • specops mission targeting elite group of ewar bots.
Prototype crafting upgrade
In the future, if you will prototype a named item you will obtain a special, prototype item instead of the usual, named item. These prototype items will have a bit better stats, mainly reduced requirements, and minor amount of tweaks for better usage. In the case of reverse engineering such a prototype item, you will acquire the CT of the named item. (so reverse engineering a named prototype item allows the production of the named item.) Of course, reverse engineering a not prototype item still remains, but if you reverse engineer a prototype item, the decoder level, will be lower, and the CT's attributes will be better. (material and time ratio will be higher)

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  1. you should install and introduce update more often, this will keep the attention of public on it.