April 6, 2010

Community news

Hello there, again! :)

Once again, we have a nice number of players online, giving us the chance of making pvp tournaments and such. Many new players testing perpetuum at moment, and we hope it will stay like that. :) (we allowing friend invites once more)

Meanwhile, we have 3 new fan websites, and each offers some interesting content.

GM|Dehrios (and a few more people of course) hosted a nice website, PerpetuumZone. It's a nice collection of information, that the admins collected here: Missions, factions, and tutorials. Dehrios also streaming trough xfire, so if you don't have a beta access, but you still wish to look into the game, this can be a nice place to check. (Because Dehrios is in USA, European viewers may have a low kbit/s connection) Image gallery is also noticeable.

The second website I found is a blog about a player, who just tells story about many things. The site is called A distant sparkle. I hope to see more article from the creator! :)

And finally, gremrod's blog,(who is also an admin of perpetuumzone) posting his tutorial videos nicely there. (if I'm correct these are also accessible trough perpetuumzone) A wonderful idea, and Great work! We all wish to see more tutorials like this, and we are very thankful that you help us creating such videos. (It should help all newbie player to get quickly informed, until we have a working tutorial system [soon, promise])

Well, thanks for reading!


  1. awesome thanks!
    I found another in my travels


  2. off topic, but if i join, but beta ends before im processed/get a chance to play, do i still count as beta?