April 14, 2010

Development news

The team's working really hard. (honestly)

Let me show you the new Equip Window!
It's nice and working perfectly. It now even shows what level of modules can be equipped into the target slot. Actually, its far more perspicuous then the previous version, easy to use and looks much nicer too.

New mission pack is on its way too, with an npc spawnpoint replacement/modification. Most of the npc groups will contain at least 2 type of robots. We will have harder industrial missions, which will require military protection, but will give better reward.(at least double reward) The missions will take place on the pvp islands too: teleports and outposts will await the players everywhere. :) (teleports: atleast 3/zone, outpost: fix 3/zone)

We also working on balancing, we try to keep up with your forum posts. Some of them will be balanced later, but if you post about something really annoying, then we will try to fix it as fast as possible. It was a painful decision, but we limited the use of the mass reductors to 1/robot, so after the next patch we will not see Kains running with 90kmph+. To balance this, we improved the mass reductor's effectiveness by a small percent, so those who used 1-2 weight reducers should have nearly the same effect, but speed fittings wont be possible in the future. (this gives escape chance for small robots against big ones)

That's at all at moment! See you guys on next week!

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