February 12, 2010

Finally, Ew mechs released. Patchday.

-Chat reworked. We always tried to have a complex and well working chat system (like IRC), we just went one step forward. Mute options, remembers what channels you were in. Password protection for channels.
-Autowalk. Because you asked for it. And we care. :) Double tap forward at voila!
-Ew mechs released. Yarr! :)
-Sound updates.

Full patchlog: http://www.perpetuum-online.com/Changelog:2010-02-11

Other thingys.

-Xfire support. If you using Xfire, please make sure to add Perpetuum to your game list. (so we can move forward on the rank list of Xfire :) )
-New Icon. Shiny-nice, and big. I like it :)

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