February 25, 2010

Base report.

Actually, i'm amazed. How fantastic work can such a few people do in such a short time.
So let's see what I have.

-Zoom's working on a full gui revamp. We going for a nicer, and more hmm, high-techy interface.
-We made a new information layer for the client from the map, so all players will be able see every police protected zone, even from outside. This also brings us a new feature: the system will warn you when you leave the police protected zone.
-I heard noise from the Melchior's Shack. I heard he plays with rocks and buildings. We hope to see them soon. :)

And finally, you may got bored of that red annoying marker, showing you where you can, or cannot go. Well, just as you, we got bored of it too. So we reworked this too.

+1: A nice interview

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