December 12, 2009

Weekly summary.

Hello there!

We had a kinda interesting week, because of the new patch, of course new bugs arisen, and we had to patch them too...

First of all, I should mention, that at moment the game is kinda bug free so we decided to let in more player, if you waiting for an account, you should check your mailbox. (in other news: a low percentage of the registered accounts ain't confirmed, we can't accept such registrations. In some cases, you set too high spamfilter, so your email server drops it back to us. =/ If you didn't get confirm mail, this should be the main reason for it. Please also note, that not correctly filled motivation, will not be invited to Closed Beta. :) Thx.)

Just after the patch we had an annoying Police problem, player defense system was offline, making a few nasty pirate actions in starting zone. Plus npc-s looked at police towers as targets, so many player experienced tower gangbangs :D Nevermind, we fixed both issue, plus now we configured the system to give pvp flag even if you use EW, or energy manipulator (drainer/neutralizar). Many player had fun with this, so I hope you read this before the next demobilizer fun ^^

After a few hours of talk, we realized that, damn, leveling in the first few hours is pain. So we created a new npc class, called faction drones, dropping faction weapons, but on low chance, plus nice ammo for them, in a small number. (I hope this number will get boosted) On top of that we created Drone Kernel, which is now collectible from drones, increasing income. We hope that after a half hour of droning you can change your place of farm to these new guys... But we still want to balance their loot a bit, I think :) Because now the standard drones dropping the drone kernel, now even they dropping unpackaged loot.

It's my own Fail story, that I was such smart that i deleted some raw captions for the gameplay movie, but still, I think it's kinda nice, and watchable. Sorry because the rare plants/decors... The film is captured on the edge of the island, this is kinda like an Outer zone of the islands, and less plant is grown there Yet. (remember that we use algorithms for such job) Plus, I should reupload to Youtube... That one "kindafluffy animal"<-(DIE DIE) delayed the music under the movie. Why do I look at Youtube as "every1-s uploadsite" while at Vimeo like "for people who just want it done... just without stupid bugs." But still more people would view it on youtube, so its reupload time.

I started making a wiki page for our nice game, feel free to contribute, and update it as you wish. It's currently not publicated, so no worries about that. + I keep some saved versions on my PC too. Any contributes is welcomed!

Community news.
This should be a new type of article :)
Of course, like in last weeks there were some new "artwork" atleast from Mr. Blackomen, that gave us laugh. :)
Damn so true.

Hmm, I can't really argue with this.

Also, you may not know, but i keep track of fan pages you made, waiting for a few nice content so I can link you in the blog's menu. Keep up guys :)

I'm really happy that many player started using Sequer, our new hauler mech, in npcfarming or in mining, as part of a team, to carry the loot. So I looked around, and found a nice artwork, about a future content robot, that will be the exceeding mech to the Sequer. Allow me to introduce our artwork-plan hauler mech: Daidalos. (Please note that this mech will be implemented into the game after the release.)
See you guys later! :)

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