December 21, 2009

Info time.

Hello there everyone! :)

Another week goes by, and a few information's leaked out, so I guess I should give you some nice pictures&info about everything that's currently on the work.

First of all, we heading quite well with the mission system. Actually it's in testing, and it's working pretty well. We have a few type of mission objectives: gothere, collectitem, shootsome. These objectives can be known at the start, or we can update your objectives when the time arise. All missions can have standing requirements to the faction that offers it, or it can be linked together, as chain missions, where you can advance in story&mission. We have repeatable missions too, as we currently don't have time to create so huge number of missions to be enough for decades, we will have at least the 25% of the missions repeatable (I think). [like, go shoot those things because we hate them] Mission reward can be any thing: From money to items, and of course standing modifiers to factions. (It both can be negative or positive, we can grant you as many faction modifiers in one mission as we want. So it's possible that you gain + with a faction, and in the same time loosing standing with another one. (because they don't like each other)) There will be some missions, where you can choose where you want to finish the mission: multiple finishing points will be allowed, where you can deliver the mission, with different rewards.

Minor update: Waypoints are now shown in the landmarks, and got nice icon too. Its still just temporary, but I really like it.

Okay, other thingy. Many of you heard about "hybrids" and that we doing something about the production system. Well, first things first, hybrids. What the hell is that?

It's a kinda old feature, what we didn't implement into standard gameplay because of multiple reasons... But still, we have it. We can mix the robots head-chassis-legs, in any combo. It means you can grab a robots chasis, put a different head on it, with a different leg: Tada, Woooow. :)

So here's an example picture gallery: I grabbed the Arbalest Chassis, put on different heads&legs.


Okay, now all of this is "cool", but whats good in this, why is it soo cool? Well the trick is, that each component (head-chassis-leg) has it's own stats, it's own slots, and it's own bonuses. So it means, that when you see the whole robot, as a complex, pre-created set, i mean the original robot, the robot bonuses are coming from it's parts. If you tear it apart, each part will have a part of it's bonus, in %, or maybe a part takes a whole bonus. This way, if you mix up robots, you will be able to create new robots with new specialization: A rocket-laser user, because you mix pelistal and thelodica robot parts. It will not have the same amount of bonus, but it will work well, giving bonus to both weapon types. Or you can create a hauler, that can actually use EW modules. Of course not every combination will be allowed, to avoid graphic bugs... But many combinations will be able to get produced. But beaware: because the parts brings the stats too, it's possible to have an EW bonused robot, but if it lacks the CPU capacity, it will be unuseable.

Okay I think that's for today, see you guys later!

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