June 12, 2010

Patch day, again.

Again, we were able to give out a new patch, containing many interesting things. Let's just check the most importants.

  • Insurance is now available, based on average market price. This should help players to keep playing where they stopped, even after a painful robot death.
  • Tweaking in reverse engineering: for market and gameplay issues, from now on only standard, and prototype items will be reverse-engineer able.

We allowed in tons of people in the last weeks, and so the player numbers have increased nicely. Many new corp trains the incomer newbies. If you look for a new corp make sure that you take a good look around, many good corps looking for active players. :-)

Make sure to take a look into the game if you were away for a quite long time... Ohh and New Virginia holds a nice surprise for everyone! :) Make sure to check it out.

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