June 22, 2010

Effect system patch

Hello there!

In the last few months, looks like we were able to finalize the game core elements, and now we have much more time to actually work on balance, gui updates and models.

The updates ain't really big, still they can change lots of game elements, like we did with the prototyping, or just consider the extra safepoints/teleports in the outpost patch. We also started timing these patches: we try to give you some novelty from time to time. And so, here we are again, with a new update for Perpetuum!

This patch's main feature is the update to our effect system, with a few extra Gui elements(sharing information about how much effect's have an impact on you) and also featuring some limitations on effects stacking, nerfing the use of focused ewar gameplay.

The new effect system also holds some long waited development opportunities: to create Squad bonus systems and maybe later weather and other territorial effects. Stay tuned for some more nasty feature updates about this one. :)

Also because we created nice circle fill for effects, we also implemented this feature for weapons and modules too. Reload/Firing cycles now also viewable trough the module interface.

Pirate Convoy Event

I was recently informed by some nasty pirates, that there will be a convoy event, with heavy mech in prize, so make sure that you and your friends will join the party! GMs will spectate the event, and reimburse every lost robot. More info:

1 comment:

  1. "to create Squad bonus systems and maybe later weather and other territorial effects."

    Does that mean my robot will be able to do the rain dance and I will use an umbrella and make robots rust to death :)