July 13, 2010

Squad bonus and Gui improvements

Hello there! It's been more then two weeks since the last post, so lets quickly check what happened.

We successfully updated some gui elements. :) Lot's of people had concerns about the visibility of the player's target with the previous locking gui, so we worked on that one a little bit. We reduced the size of the targeting computer(and landmark info), and we also reworked the module list. We will add soon some new features to the landmark list, based on the players requests. (filtering npcs/players, standing based filtering, robot type filtering.)

The squad bonus system works finally, offering nice number of bonuses like energy recharge boost, extra speed or lock bonuses.(9 type at moment) Although these bonuses are really expensive, they can be a really nice for the team. (max 3 squad bonus on one person, effect range from 100m -> 400m. Any player in the squad can provide the bonus.) A few more bonus types will come in the (very) close future too, including modules supporting industrial activities.

We finally released the video from the pirate event.

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